Fuel Injectors Clean?

Considered your fuel injectors lately? Isle of Palms Marine brings fuel injector cleaning and flow testing to Green Cove Springs. Don't buy new injectors, let us get yours back into spec! Problems can occur even with a slight buildup of deposits. Because the injector orifice is so small, it doesn't take much crud to restrict the flow of fuel or to disrupt the spray pattern. For good combustion, the injectors must produce a fine cone-shaped mist of fuel vapor. Wear or deposits in the nozzle can create “streamers” of liquid fuel that vaporize and burn poorly. This, in turn, can cause hesitation, emissions and performance problems.

Here's a look at the process we use:

Injectors are mounted according to configuration, top supply or side supply and tested for spray uniformity.

The injection angle should be uniform, spray should be even, and no jet flow. During the test, we select "rotation speed" or "pulse width" parameter to change simulated service conditions.

In the Uniformity/Spray test, the minimum open pulse width can be measured to compare the difference of different injectors of same engine. After setting one cylinder or all cylinders, we increase pulse width during running until we can observe the spray of injectors, and this pulse width value is established as the minimum open pulse width. The difference of minimum open pulse width is measured.

Reverse flush may be used on top supply injectors during the Uniformity/Spray test. Under this function fuel enters the injector through outlet and outflows through inlet, to entirely clean injectors and filters.

Injectors are separately and individually tested for leaks, according to specifications.

Fuel flow for each is then is tested under conditions of constant injection, idle speed, intermediate speed, high speed, speed changing, and pulse width changing.