trailerIs your trailer rusting out or falling apart? Let us get a new trailer for your boat. Many boat builders use painted steel trailers for their boats and they do not usually last very long in Florida. Some feel that the water in the Green Cove Springs area is not that salty, and, as such, a steel trailer may be a more economical choice.  Not so.  There’s enough salt content in the water here to pretty much guarantee that painted steel trailer is not long for this earth.  Many of our customers have upgraded to aluminum trailers that are more appropriate for Northeast Florida. Aluminum in the long run is a better trailer for all boating, and there’ s another benefit. They are lighter which really helps if your tow weight starts creeping to the limits of your vehicle’s towing capacity.

If weight is not a concern, but you still want the durability of steel, hot-dipped galvanized is an option.  In manufacture, once the parts are formed and machined, they are hot-dipped in molten zinc.   This coats the steel inside and out, and transforms the material into one that resists corrosion and is even self-healing.

The trailers that we sell are custom made to order so you can select the options that you want. You can choose between torsion axles or leaf springs,  aluminum or galvanized, add  LED lights, spare tire, swing tongue, guide bunks, etc.

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